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Asian dramas are getting popular day by day on the internet. To watch Asian Dramas on the internet by Drama Cool website is easy and helpful. Asian dramas include Recent Korean Dramas and other countries’ dramas Taiwan, Thailand Japanese, and Chinese dramas.

Recent Korean Dramas

Well, there are several Korean recent dramas that have been released on the Internet and people are loving those. Netflix is the main source of Recent Korean Dramas and Series but some people don’t have much money to pay for Netflix’s Monthly subscription, so they go on the internet and surf for Korean Recent Dramas. For those, there is a Website for Korean Recent Dramas named Dramas Cool. Where people can watch their favourite DramaCools and Other Kpop shows.

Here’s the current list as it stands in terms of the most popular Netflix original series (individual seasons):

  • Bridgerton: Season 1 (82 million)
  • Lupin: Part 1 (76 million)
  • The Witcher: Season 1 (76 million)
  • Sex/Life: Season 1 (67 million)
  • Stranger Things: Season 3 (67 million)
  • Money Heist: Part 4 (65 million)
  • Tiger King: Season 1 (64 million)
  • The Queen’s Gambit (62 million)
  • Sweet Tooth: Season 1 (60 million)
  • Emily in Paris: Season 1 (58 million)

What is the new website of Drama Cool?

This is the most asked question on the Internet that what is the actual website of Drama Cool? We are happy to tell you about the original and honest updated website for Drama Cool. There is a Website which name ( is the original and authentic website of Drama Cool. DramaCoolPlus update daily and Recent Korean Dramas on it and for kind information DramaCoolPlus doesn’t host any video on its server all content is provided by Non-Affiliated Websites. DramaCoolPlus is the New website of Drama Cool!

Most Popular Korean Drama Ever on Netflix

Netflix just gave an entire bundle of knowledge about its most famous unique series and motion pictures, and keeping in mind that numbers are as yet coming in for raving success Korean Recent Drama Squid Game, they are proving it might before long top the charts.  It’s likely the single most odd show on this whole rundown (indeed, Sweet Tooth might be close with its creature kids) as Korean citizens play lethal kids’ games for a monetary reward. It is hard R-evaluated with heaps of fierce blood, yet it has a passionate center that evidently resounds with many individuals all throughout the planet, not simply in its nation of origin. It’s truly slick to see a Korean series by this fruitful, and on the off chance that it makes the rundown, that implies, three of the best 10 series, all in all, will be an unknown dialect. In case it’s #1, two of the main three will be, close by Lupin.

Squid Game is on a wild ride. A season 2 is self-evident on the off chance that they can persuade the essayist/chief to return for it. I expect that will occur, regardless of whether it winds up being a respectable measure of time away.

Is Drama Cool Safe?

Having several websites on Intenet named Drama Cool many of them are not safe to watch or use. Because those have some malware or other harmful ads on them. But DramaCoolPlus is totally safe to watch your Favourite Drama Cool (Korean Dramas) . You can watch ad-free video Episodes of Drama Cools and recent Korean dramas. DramaCoolPlus is the safest website to get what you upto.

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